Write an equation with a slope of 0

It'll just keep going on, on and on and on. We are still going to use the definition of slope, which is: You remember we're saying y is equal to mx plus b. Let's figure out its slope first. We'll see that with actual numbers in the next few videos.

This means the slope is undefined. Now that you know how to graph slope, you are ready to move onto using Slope Intercept Form to graph your equations.

Point-Slope Equation of a Line

However, the two solutions of an equation in two variables that are generally easiest to find are those in which either the first or second component is 0.

Thus, whenever we know the slope of a line and a point on the line, we can find the equation of the line by using Equation 2.

As shown above, whenever you have a vertical line your slope is undefined.

Recurrence relation

If we denote any other point on the line as P x, y see Figure 7. Slopes of the lines that go up to the right are positive Figure 7. So let's say our line looks something like that. Substituting into Equation 1 yields Note that we get the same result if we subsitute -4 and 2 for x2 and y2 and 3 and 5 for x1 and y1 Lines with various slopes are shown in Figure 7.

You want to get close. Here is b is 0. Slope-intercept form linear equations Video transcript So you may or may not already know that any linear equation can be written in the form y is equal to mx plus b.

That's our y-intercept, right there at the origin. The denominator is 1, so we went right 1 4. And since our line here has a negative slope, I'll draw a downward sloping line. Using the intercepts to graph an equation is called the intercept method of graphing. The y-intercept just tells us where we intercept the y-axis.

Notice, x is 0. Graph a line with a slope of And this b over here, this is the y-intercept of the line. We're using two points.

This point is 3,0 5. Anyway, hopefully you found this useful. That means when I move 1 in the x-direction, I move up 2 in the y-direction. Thus, every point on or below the line is in the graph. Well you know that having a 0 in the denominator is a big no, no.

Graphing Slope

In the next lesson, Graphing with Slope Intercept Form, you will learn the exact point that needs to be plotted first. The x-coordinate of the point where a line crosses the x-axis is called the x-intercept of the line, and the y-coordinate of the point where a line crosses the y-axis is called they-intercept of the line.

I can just keep going down like that. If you need help with graphing an actual equation and need to know which point to plot first, visit our lesson on Slope Intercept Form. If you go back one, two, three, four, five-- you move up 1.

So our change in x is equal to 4. Look at the denominator of the slope. So delta y over delta x, When we go to the right, our change in x is 1.

Slope-intercept equation from slope & point

Learn to write equations in slope-intercept form for three different lines. After completing this tutorial, you should be able to: Find the slope given a graph, two points or an equation.

SOLUTION: write an equation for slope=0 and passes through (4,6)

Write a linear equation in slope/intercept form. However, to make things easier, if equation is of the type x=k (note that x=0 is just a form of it with k=0) just forget the slope or slope intercept form of equation of line and take that it is parallel to y-axis at point (k,0).

Learn how to find the equation of the line with a slope of -3/4 that goes through the point (0,8). Write this down: the formula for the equation, given point and intercept a, is (see a paragraph below explaining why this formula is correct) Given that a=0, and, we have the equation of the line.

Mass-Mole Calculations (n=m/M) Chemistry Tutorial

5. Write an equation of a line that has the same slope as 2x – 5y = 12 and the same y-intercept as 4y + 24 = 5x. A) y= 2/5x−6 B) y=6x−2/5 C) y=5/2x−6 D) y=1/6x−5/2 6.

Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point. x + 8y = 27; (–5, 5) A) y=-1/8x B) Y=1/8x+45 C) y=8x+45 D) y=-8x+45 /5(7).

Write an equation with a slope of 0
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